Miss Minus Sized is a blog related to fashion and lifestyle for the average girl with a long wishlist and a small wallet. If you feel that my personal taste and style resonates with you, I would love to talk further and will do my best to promote the names/brands I associate my blog with.  Thank you, and read on!

Product Reviews

I constantly experiment with my style and am always open to trying new products in the broad categories of fashion, beauty and fitness. Items reflecting my personal style will be featured in my posts along with a short description of the store/brand.  Showcased items will be listed with a β€˜courtesy of’ (c/o) disclaimer and a direct link will be provided to the product on the store website. Posts featuring the items will be shared on all social media platforms to maximize publicity. However, all opinions will be my own.


I am open to hosting giveaways of any product that is in keeping with my personal taste. Giveaways can be hosted on the blog and/or social media platforms to increase visibility.

**Please remember that all images and content on the blog are copyright to Miss Minus Sized. If used in any context on any platform, please provide due credit.

Feel free to contact me at missminussized@gmail.com to talk more!