Apple Picking at Swanton Pacific Ranch

Old traditions, new places. :)

After having braved five seasons of apple picking in wintery October weather on the east coast, I practically squealed with delight at the 70 degree forecast here in the Bay Area on the designated day for our favorite fall activity! I will admit that there used to be a certain charm to bundling up in coats and scarves to sip on hot cider while picking the red-dest of them all, but that got old after about ten minutes or so when I wanted to go home now. This year, we dressed California casual, hung out with bees galore at the organic apple orchard and then went straight to the beach because… California.

In keeping with that Cali cool girl vibe even at the apple orchard, I threw on my utility jacket, jeans that are likely already in my dad’s questionable-clothing-list by now and smiles unlimited, because that’s what a fun fall day deserves no? :) This utility jacket from Mint Julep Boutique has brought a long search for the perfect in-between length on my short frame to an end, and it doesn’t hurt that the price point is so reasonable either. Psst.. get $10 off on your first order when you sign up for emails!

Swanton Pacific Ranch is part of Caly Polytechnic’s ‘living laboratory’ that encompasses ~3,200 acres of organic farms of fruits and vegetables geared towards agricultural research and sustainable land management. The apple orchards are seasonally open to the public on weekends and all your pickins’ are paid for by the honor code. It’s a beautiful property to visit even nevertheless all year around, as it includes redwood forests and lush ecosystems that feel so undisturned and hence, unreal. Soooo basically, I would go even if it wasn’t up the street from Davenport beach, y’all… just saying.

Thank you for reading and happy hump day!
XO Sushmitha :)

            Jacket: c/o Mint Julep Boutique

            Top: Old (Love this fall floral top!)

            Jeans: Old (Similar here)

            Hat: Old (Similar here)

            Shoes: Thrifted (Similar pair here)