Athleisure like a #girlboss

If you asked me what's been the biggest change in our lives since having moved from Buffalo to the San Francisco Bay Area, I'd say that we've gotten healthier. Everything in California pushes you towards a healthy and active lifestyle and oh, how I LOVE it! My eyes light up every-time I spot the fresher than fresh produce on grocery trips, my mind is in a happy zen space on our increasingly frequent coastal trail hikes over and by the ocean, and my muscles have been delightfully sore in appreciation of the regular workouts they've been awarded since the end of that 24x7 grad school life. Did I say that I love California? ;)

Courtesy of this revised daily routine, my daily uniform is some variation of this casual athleisure look. A relaxed tee, a firm pair of leggings (these feel and look like pants because of a thicker fabric!) and a comfy pair of sneakers to get everything and more done in a day. Like a #girlboss. 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful (long) weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                      Tee: c/o Aleah Shop (<$20)

                       Leggings: c/o Comm-ci

                       Jacket: Dezzal

                       Sunglasses: Tuckernuck (Similar here)

                       Sneakers: Skechers