Button-down Midi Skirt: La Jolla, San Diego

So it's only taken me four months to share a couple of posts all the way back from April when I managed to fit a couple of shoots into a work trip to beautiful San Diego. Patience is one of my virtues, perhaps? :| Unlikely, because I've been unsettlingly impatient to share them this entire time! I shot with the lovely Karissa Bowers one evening at the beyond stunning Scripps Coastal Reserve in La Jolla. A beautiful sea of wildflowers led us to sweeping views of the ocean and as we sat down to watch the sunset after (stay tuned for that night's sunset shoot on Friday!), I truly was in awe. I'd call a visit to this hidden gem of a spot a must-do if you find yourself in San Diego! Also, check out Karissa's blog Vegan À La Mode.. it's chalkful of yummy vegan recipes and eco-friendly fashion!

I consider myself so lucky to work with and share so many great brands through this little blog of mine and know this is nothing to complain about, but every once in a while, I catch myself feeling nostalgic for when I'd spend my Saturdays (now spent shooting pieces usually picked out online) on a treasure hunt at the thrift store. I'd leave bursting with excitement to style beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, often forcing poor Kushal to pore over the entire haul with me in the car on our way home! I still make the time to do that once in a while, but often end up holding onto my buys forever because of blog outfit commitments. You guys see 'thrifted' often enough in my product link sections, but there are so many thrifted pieces I love and treasure that just don't make it onto the blog. Well, I'm consciously trying to change that, because as ironic as it may seem, I love fashion, but I probably love staying on a budget and anti-consumerism more! I want to take every chance to encourage thrift shopping even if you're not a budget buyer.. think of it as recycling or re-purposing.. everyone's into that, right?!

Take this button-front polka dot midi skirt. There it was, brand new with tags and lonely, waiting for me to love it as much as I do! It's as vintage as it comes, but can it be any more on point for the fashion year we're having?? I slipped it on with a fun faux-suede top and my favorite choker + booties combo. Consider it as early fall outfit inspo too.. I know I'm already dreaming of repeating this look with all the faux-leather jackets I can find!

Thank you for reading and happy hump day!
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Top: Forever 21

                            Choker: Forever 21

                            Skirt: Thrifted (Similar here)

                            Bag: Flat Iron

                            Shoes: Moddeals (Similar here)