Corset Shirtdress

A lace-up corset dress.

Just let those words sink in. If not for my silly face disrupting your imagination, wouldn’t you have recalled one of those many yesteryears’ Netflix special type women, smiling so gracefully in what must have been unimaginable discomfort? One of those brave and talented souls that twirled perfectly and in step at the ball dance while oh, not breathing? Yeah, I would imagine her too.  

Before this turns into a feminist rant of the oppressive-fashion-practices variety, I just want to appreciate that a certain population of us can now willing choose to participate in a passing corset trend, lacing up the bodice as loosely as we prefer, depending on whether or not brunch is involved in our day’s plan.

That Netflix special woman would probably look at me and go… what a time to be alive!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                      Dress: c/o WearAll

                      Hat: Old (Similar here)

                      Scarf: Old, Thrifted (Love all of these options!)

                      Bag: Old, Flat Iron (Similar here)

                      Shoes: Public Desire (Last season, love this current option!)