Lima Day 2: Crochet Kimono

So, it's officially summer here in the U.S. of A, folks! Ohhh, how long have I waited and wished for this beautiful day to arrive! I gave it quite the fitting welcome too, barely seeing the insides of our home all weekend long and catching as much of that nutritious Vit D as possible. Of all the exciting things that summer's going to bring, as the writer of this style blog that you're reading, I have to say that I'm soooo excited for all the summer fashion coming to the blog in the weeks and months to come! The outfit in today's post pretty much sums up the summer mood I'm in right now.. bright colors, fun prints, you know it! ;)

This is the second look that I wore while vacationing in Peru on our second day in the capital city of Lima, with a relaxing morning in our Miraflores neighborhood on our agenda before flying out to Cusco later in the afternoon (when I switched out my shorts for a comfy pair of jeans). Our Air bnb apartment in Lima was in the popular, upscale coastal Miraflores district, and we had everything we needed to see at walking distance.. Some of the best food and views of the South Pacific in the Larcomar outdoor mall and the iconic Parque Del Amour (Park of Love), where we shot these photos. We set out relatively early to escape the crowds that throng the park as the day goes on, but unfortunately ran into heavy fog that hid the beautiful ocean views we got later on. If the sky and the sea seem to blend together in the pictures to create a white canvas, you know what was up. :) I absolutely adore this neon pink crochet kimono from Thera Clothing! I'm very partial to crochet in hot and humid weather, and this one's going to be the perfect layering piece over casual outfits or even as a coverup on the beach. 

These lace-up sandals are a current favorite, and happened to be a lucky find at a tiny little store at the mall where I was originally on the hunt for a good pair of tall gladiator sandals. I've been looking for petite-friendly, affordable gladiators for the longest time, and unfortunately, the perfect calf fit still eludes me. If you know of a place where I can find such a pair, please share.. until then, these lace-up pretties are doing the job just fine! :) 

Thank you for reading, and happy Tuesday!
XO Sushmitha :)

                                Kimono: c/o Thera Clothing

                                Tee: Forever 21

                                Shorts: Wet Seal (Similar here)

                                Necklace: Flea Market (Love this one)

                                Bag: Thrifted (Similar here)

                                Shoes: Local Store (Similar here, but also love this one)