Daytime Sequins + Velvet Pleats

Happy last week of 2016! It's that strange time of year when post-Christmas blues are barely held at bay by impending celebrations of the new year.. you're back at work but not really, family and friends leave with promises of gathering together again in just a couple of days, and self reflection over long walks and large coffees are part of the daily routine. In parallel to all that deep thinking is, of course, that week-long process of picking out the perfect New Year's Eve outfit. ;)

You want a look that aptly represents the year you've had and the strides you've made. Or at least, that's how I like to think about it. Perhaps along these lines, I went a more subdued and sophisticated route this year compared to previous years of all out sparkle or statement bling. I'll remember 2016 as a quiet year, one in which Kushal and I closed out our arduous PhD careers successfully, involving long stretches of time apart and few other distractions in doing so. It's left us exhausted even if proud and happy of ourselves, so it's fitting that our NYE celebrations will be intimate and comfortable this year, likely over wine and good conversation rather than the usual fanfare. In reflecting this, my NYE outfit candidates seem to be classic with a touch of trendy- a champagne colored sequined wrap blouse paired with a velvet jewel-toned midi skirt, both timeless pieces that will come in handy long after party season's over! 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful last week of 2016!
XO Sushmitha :)

            Top: c/o Single Dress

            Skirt: c/o Zaful (<$20!)

            Coat: A Ruby

            Clutch: Old (Similar here)

            Bracelets: Old, Assorted (Love this stack)

            Shoes: Moddeals (Love these metallic wedges!)