Denim Cutoffs + Printed Blouse: Orlando, Florida

I know it's Friday night 'n all, but quit quitting on your nerdiness just until you read this post, because it's coming to you from the deep and dark corners of.. wait for it.. Diagon  Alley! Being the devoted Harry Potter nerds that we are, Kushal and I knew that whatever else we hit or miss on our short stay in Orlando, we had to set aside time for a 'pilgrimage' to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside Universal Studios. On our last day, K wrapped up at his conference a few hours early and we zipped through the park to Hogsmeade, as if on broomsticks ourselves.  I had been once before when the park had first opened, so my eyes were glued on Kushal this time around- it was classic first timer kid-in-a-candy-store bliss on his face as we went from window-shopping on Hogsmeade to lunch at The Three Broomsticks to butterbeer breaks between the rides! So fun!

I hadn't been myself since the new features of riding the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley had begun, so we spent the second half of the day in 'London', exploring in real life the Slytherin haunts we'd elaborately imagined in our heads. :) As with the rest of the park, the details and efforts put into recreating that fascinating literary world truly blew us away! Whether it was the fire-breathing dragon atop Gringotts or the spooky wizards that whispered things in your ear as you walked by (I literally jumped out of my skin, you guys!), it made for a day that we will never forget! Have any of you been? Were you geeking out as hard as we were? :)

We shot some quick photos of my makeup-free theme park self when there weren't approx. ~1,477 people/sq.ft and it was mostly to document the day than much else. I wore this breezy peasant blouse (the tasseled neck tie doubled as a choker ha!) with comfy denim cutoffs and only, ONLY let my hair down for the camera. ;) That florida heat and my top bun were pretty tight to say the least! Not sure if you can tell though, but just as we took these pictures, the skies darkened with threats of thunderstorms.. I was pretty pumped for the ambiance it created for our day on the dark side, but poor K trying to find some light, any light, for the camera.. well, we had to agree to disagree. ;)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                 Top: c/o Single Dress

                 Shorts: c/o Romwe (under $15!)

                 Shoes: Restricted Shoes (Similar here for <$25)