Drop Waist Dress

Happy Monday, my peeps! Bringing you a fresh case of the (Monday) blues in a quick and casual post today. The drop waist style in dresses has been making the fashion rounds for a while now, but I've been shying away under the assumption that it would look childishly feminine on a petite frame like mine. But same as the solution to almost every other fear , I only had to jump right into it to realize that my assumption was basically what the Irish would call blarney. Current, revised verdict: I think it's delightfully girly! Yes, it does little for my short legs, but but but.. look at that ruffle! ;) I love a good unconventional color combo, and this refreshing cobalt blue + mint pairing seems to have caught my fancy lately.  Good thing this pretty little necklace from Foxy Original's got my back, eh? :)

Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous week!
XO Sushmitha :)

                                 Dress: c/o Zoa Clothing (Available at Anthropologie)

                                 Necklace: c/o Foxy Originals

                                 Rings: From Dylan (Similar here)

                                 Bag: Old from a flea market (Similar here)

                                 Shoes: c/o Moddeals (Love this option)