Floral Cardigan Three Ways

If you keep up with the blog's Facebook or Instagram, you probably know that I was fortunate enough to be featured earlier this week on The Society. When asked by the sweet ladies that run it to come up with a post that speaks for my blog, I immediately envisioned a post on the one thing I look for in my fashion finds- versatility. Today, I thought I'd share that post here, in the hope that it comes of some use to those that didn't catch the post on The Society.

Now, there’s something to be said for the excitement and satisfaction that comes with revisiting an old item in the closet with new eyes.  Like shopping in your own closet, no? :) Needless to say, versatile pieces are easy on the wallet... It’s never a bad idea to buy multiple outfits for the price of one! But before my rant on the many benefits of versatility has you file me away in the all talk & no action category, I thought I’d style a fall staple- the trusty cardigan sweater, three ways, as an example of getting maximum wear out of a closet essential.

Three Ways 1

A statement cardigan is a cold-weather staple in every girl’s closet! It’s the perfect piece to be layered over or under when chilly, or to be worn by itself as a top even when warm.  This pretty Ann Taylor cardigan is an old thrift find, and is prime evidence that it isn’t how much you spend or where you shop from, but what you choose to buy, that’s key to building a good wardrobe.  

Look 1: Print on Print.

Either because I’m such a visual person or because I’m just such a big fan of prints in general, this is my favorite way to wear any printed piece. And this cardigan’s no exception! The cardigan’s larger floral print paired with the subtle floral pattern on the corduroy pants creates an understated sophistication that’s perfect for a dinner date, movie nights or an impromptu night out! Statement earrings, a hands-free bag and sturdy heels… all the essentials for a fun night on the town, don’t you think? :)

Three ways 2
Three ways 3
Three Ways 4
Three ways 5

Look 2: Parisian Chic

Does it happen to you that more often than not, your mood picks out your clothes for you?! Well, I’m always dressing to please my mood, and this outfit’s evidence of that! For a playful take on seemingly sober pieces, I love creating an outfit around a theme. On this particular day, I felt particularly Parisian, so I used fun details like a wool fedora, the scalloped hem on the dress and thigh-high socks to amp up the fun factor of the cardigan. Burgundy and dusty pink make for such a great color combination! Don’t be afraid to pair light colors with dark ones… deep earth tones pair perfectly with mellow pastels or contrasting brights.

Three Ways 6
Three Ways 7
Three Ways 8
Three Ways 9

 Look 3: Texture Play

Trying new combinations of textures is one of the things I most look forward to in the colder months. Fall and winter bring with them an array of beautiful textures: knits, woolens, silks, leather and lace just to mention a few. So for this simple and cozy look that could work for a work meeting, an informal office party or date night, I wore the cardigan over a lace pencil skirt, using accessories in the varied shades of ivory, white and nude for added interest.  Chunky scarves are such an easy way to transition into fall… I throw one on pretty much over any outfit this time of year! I love this pairing for the ladylike elegance of a feminine knit over lace… it’s a timeless combination!

Three Ways 10
Three Ways 11
Three Ways 12

Three different takes on one simple cardigan! I’d love to hear your thoughts on which one you liked best, and hope that you can now look at your closet with some fresh green eyes!

Thank you for reading, and happy hump day!

XO Sushmitha :)

Look 1 Cardigan: Ann Taylor (Similar here); Printed Corduroy Pants: H&M (Love this and this pair); Bag: Amazon (Similar here); Shoes: Nine West (Love this pair); Statement Earrings: eBay

Look 2 Dress: Local Boutique (Adore this one); Thigh-high socks: Target (Similar here); Hat: Forever21 (Similar here); Shoes: Predictions Footwear (Love this retro heeled version); Clutch: Gift from friend (Roomier clutch here); Belt: Charlotte Russe (Similar here)

Look 3 Skirt: H&M (Pretty laser cut version here); Scarf: Forever21 (Similar here); Bag: Thrifted (Similar here); Shoes: Forever21 (Similar here)