Spring Shoes: Floral Flats? Yes, Please!

When I lived in the northeast, Spring was not my cup of tea. It was maybe two degrees warmer than the winter we’d just endured, which meant that my daily views included slushy remnants of all that snow, a reckless bird or two chirping away what I always assumed were warnings to other birds to stay put in their warm hideouts, a bloom here and a bloom there… nothing to write home to the bees about.

Spring on the west coast, though, is totally my cup of tea with milk and sugar, please. It’s a delightful 65C or above- the birds are congregating in what seem to be large social gatherings most mornings, there’s too little sidewalk for the small country of dogs being walked every hour, kids run around in parks unaware of life’s impending gut-punches, the heavenly scent of jasmine fills the air and makes me google ‘how to make perfume from flowers’, the bougainvillea… don’t even get me started on the bougainvillea.

To dress the part, I’ve been reaching for fresh closet staples- ever-chic lace culottes (last styled here and here) and this tasseled cotton top that I’ve owned for years after a careless laundry sesh shrunk what was originally a dress into a tank (oops!)- and supplementing the look with fun accessories. These floral flats are a winner for obvious reasons- the denim blue goes with practically my whole wardrobe and hello, pop of print! I’m also loving adding scarves into all of my simpler looks, especially if it’s a easy breezy drama kind of day! :)

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Top: Lulus (old, similar here)

Culottes: Miss Tallulah Boutique (Similar here)

Bag: Rare Atlantic

Scarf: Old (Love this pink one!) 

Shoes: c/o Restricted Shoes (<$60, use code MISSMINUSSIZED25 for 25% off all regular priced styles!)