Gingham Dress at DUMBO, Brooklyn

Hello, September! One last week before summer officially draws to a close and I thought I'd pull out all the stops over here! So naturally, I went and found myself the most colorful wall in the country to shoot today's post at. Of the many unspoken conversations that are constantly had by this happy community of fashion bloggers that I belong to, there is one that the right-brained side of me draws lots of inspiration from.. one that combines travel, fashion and the world of creative imagery. Even though I have a love-hate relationship with social media, I do love the easy access it provides to endless inspiration from the most talented creative minds around the world. My Instagram feed has almost always consisted of equal parts food and fashion (no surprises there!), which has over time led the Type A in me to make, revise and remake Excel files neatly compartmentalized based on the world map and labeled as 'Places to Eat' and 'Places to Shoot'. Needless to say, these lists are now miles long and will take several rebirths to get through, but I like to pick out the cream of the crop (by which I mean practical and possibly do-able!) and call it my blogger bucket list. After falling in love with these colors I kept seeing in some of my favorite NYC bloggers' images, somewhat high on that list was to shoot at this rainbow colored mural in the DUMBO district of Brooklyn, NYC, and I got to gleefully check it off on our recent weekend trip to the city. It really is a stunning ombré display of color in person and in pictures, and one look had me feeling like I was sliding down the golden end of a rainbow where a pot of gold was waiting to be found. :)

I couldn't think of a more perfect outfit to enjoy this hidden slice of the city than this sunny gingham dress from Hutch Design. Just like stripes and plaid, gingham shall forever remain a classic, timeless print that works across all seasons in my books. I couldn't resist the print in this feminine yellow and white color pairing on light organza for the soaring temperatures we've had in August, but I'm sure to be wearing it in darker colors and thicker fabrics once the cold weather comes in. 

Thank you for reading and have a great week! 
XO Sushmitha :)

                             Dress: c/o  Hutch Design (Adore the skirt version)

                             Sunglasses: Ray Ban

                             Bracelet: Flea Market (Love this one)

                             Bag: Grandma's hand-me-down (Love this one)

                             Shoes: Lulu's (Similar here