If you had met me on a grey, rainy day a few years ago, you'd have found me sulking, dissatisfied with the way Mother Nature was treating my little corner of the universe. Nowadays, I seem to be of a slightly more mature disposition (Or at least, I try! ;)). Having realized that the weather falls under that growing list of things in life that I have no control over, I've learned to embrace the not always visible silver linings.. On this particular rainy day, that happened to be a hot cup of tea and hand-holding as K and I made our way to our favorite park for some fall leaf peeping. At the risk of baring a little leg in 50°F weather, I wore this monochrome gray outfit to match the gray skies. As a colorful dresser, I sometimes have to remind myself to embrace seasonal neutrals, and to say that the color gray is a fall neutral would be an understatement! This kimono cardigan from Jane Divine Boutique is one of those versatile trans-seasonal pieces.. it's cozy enough to layer on in the chill, but also cleverly folds up to be a drapey vest cardigan that I'll be living in next summer. If you've seen these gray suede accessories in recent posts, it's because I haven't stopped wearing them all season long! Who knew, that of all the people, I needed this much gray in my closet?! 

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                           Kimono Cardigan: c/o Jane Divine Boutique

                           Jumpsuit: Very old (Love this one)

                           Necklace: Serene Sky Boutique

                           Hat: AMI Clubwear

                           Bag: Violet Ray

                           Shoes: AMI Clubwear