Lace-up Top

If you've been reading this candid corner for a bit, you're probably familiar with the recent promise I made (in this post) to give more wear to my older, recently ignored clothes in an attempt to milk the most out of a well curated closet. True to my word, I'm doing just that in today's post and wearing all oldies-but-goodies, but first, there's a little story that begs to be told: Prior to and well after my claim to pocket money and allowances as an adolescent, the sole 'curator' of my closet was my Dad! He'd thoughtfully and painstakingly bring back the most wonderful assortment of gifts for my mom, sister and I - clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, you name it- from work trips abroad, making us the proud owners of an eclectic and almost fashion forward wardrobe long before we became aware of it. :) It's a good thing he has always had uncanny good taste, I guess, because a whole decade or more later, I'm still wearing pieces bought by him! Case in point- This burgundy lace up top in luxe satin. I'm always on the fence when it comes to shiny fabrics such as satin and silk, but something about the vintage feel of this decadent blouse made me hold on to it over the years and I'm so glad I did! The lace up trend has been all the rage this season, be it as a neck detail in a top or dress or as a shoe design, and I personally love the subtle glam it can bring to an otherwise modest outfit. With a little fringe, classic black accessories, and the season's first dark lip, this look's part boho and part retro.. what do you think? :) 

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Top: Super old (Check out other current faves in the carousel below!)

                            Skirt: Piperlime 

                            Hat: From Dylan 

                            Bag: Hand-me-down from Mom

                            Shoes: Talbot's-Thrifted