Miss Minus Sized Turns 3!

I suppose one indication of doing something with all of your heart is losing track of how long you've been doing it. I felt that same quick skip of the heart beat today when I hit publish on this post, as I did on the previous post, the one before that and all the posts back to the very first post that I ever published. It really feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote that very first post and that's probably why I almost missed this chronological milestone.. until I didn't and it sunk in that my little baby of a blog turned a whole three years old this week. You guys, it's Miss Minus Sized third blogiversary and I can barely believe it! 

How fitting that this petal party of a post featuring one of my personal favorite outfits (and a certain catwalk-er of a party crasher, scroll down to see! ;) was scheduled for the week! As has become custom on every blogiversary, I must articulate my most sincere THANK YOU to every single person that takes the interest to stop by here. I began this site to create a resource for inspiration, friendship and creativity... thanks to your readership, I'm well on my way towards realizing that wish. :)

Blogging has definitely not been a walk in the park, especially since I was also a full time PhD student in the biological sciences the whole time until just a few weeks ago. But while everyone that's known the daytime-scientist-nighttime-blogger me during the past three years knows that I prioritize the blog just as much as everything else of value in my life, few recognize that it's taken just as much of a commitment by my dear husband- Kushal. As the uncomplaining and invested blog photographer, he quietly helps create all of this content and more. I'll probably get raised eyebrows from him for this somewhat public gush sesh, but hey, it's a special day soooo... YOU da bestest, boo!! 

Whether you're an old reader or new, I hope that you'll continue to stick around. :)
This baby may be three going on four, but I promise more exciting content is to come for sure! 

Thank you for reading and have a fun weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                        Top: c/o Rokoko by Dazz

                         Skirt: Boom Boom Jeans (<$30)

                         Earrings: c/o Saachi

                         Bag: Old, Zara (Similar here)

                         Shoes: Old, Lulus (Similar here)