Monday Blues: Plants... + a Summer Dress

Some people can nourish and nurture and tend to the plants they so lovingly bring home, watching their dream green oasis-ish home come to life. Then there are those of us with black thumbs that end up deleting their beautiful 🌱 pinterest vision board 🌱 to go through a subsequent identity crisis like do I not have any domestic talent at all and how could cacti be dying and is this what the start of a mid-life crisis feels like? 
Clearly, I have a lot of feelings about this. 😂

It is in this chipper mindset that I went to my local florist/nursery a few weeks ago, begging for a spider plant or a monstera leaf- two expert specimens the internet had just sold me on when I google searched
                                                    ‘Indoor plants that refuse to die’
That I had great expectations from these brave botanical friends with killer survival instincts would be an understatement. 👩🏽‍💻

This florist seemed to be of that most pragmatic straight-shooter kind, because no sooner had I uttered my request when she quashed all hope. She said that she didn’t carry those particular plants but would I be interested in some CACTI? 
You’re poking a bear, lady, I mumbled, and swept out of the store in all of my billowing-dress-drama-queen glory.

Still yet to grace the other local nurseries with my crazy plant lady act, but I did gather for you some pictures of this cheerful wrap dress that does an excellent job of making a vehement point while exiting places if you wish to do so yourself. 

What's that super specific old adage, again?
When life gives you cacti, photo...synthesize. 📸 Or something like that. 

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Dress: c/o Love, Kuza (<$90)
Hat: Old, Similar here
Bag: Oliver Bilou
Shoes: Thrifted, Love this neutral pair of slingbacks!