Nautical Vibes: Reverse Button-down + Loafer Slides

It's been a minute since I last showed up here, hasn't it?! For those dearies among you that hear of my life's random ongoings through this virtual journal-ish spot, rather big life changes have been underway during my AWOL-ness. A PhD in Pharmacology was earned by yours truly (I'm a Dr., y'all!), grand goodbyes were said to our student kingdoms of good old Buffalo and celebrations to cheers of 'Begone, winters of the east!' or 'To vanquishing long distance!' have since become routine in our newly adopted abode in the California North Bay. With family in town for all of these happenings, life lately has been a happy loop of unpacking boxes, eating mommy's food and trying to get my apparently well-qualified tush employed in the real world. Okay, this last activity is not too cheery, but timely trips to the neighborhood beach have a way of helping, y'know? 

As if to reflect all of these life changes, Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial change in season to summer and as crazy as it's been to have all of my wardrobe packed up in boxes and bags lately, I haven't wasted any time in styling some Cali-appropriate warm weather looks while exploring our new surroundings! This look in today's post particularly reflects the resourcefulness I've had to rely on lately.. with only a handful of outfit options on a recent date night, I simply decided to wear a normal button-down shirt (last seen in this post!) in reverse as an off-the-shoulder top. It's such an easy hack and one I'm sure to use time and again, so fun!

My new favorite seasonal accessory, though, have got to be these loafer slides I got to custom design with Quvel. I highly recommend the customization process as it gives you full control over all the details including the size of the tassel, the coloring of the thread, sole, etc, but if your patience wears thin for all that, there are so many fun designs ready to order too! I didn't realize it at the time of ordering them, but the navy and white design has ended up being SO versatile- I love the nautical vibe it brings to almost any casual or dressy look!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

              Shirt: StyleWe (Sold out, Love this dress option!)

              Pants: Old Navy (Similar here)

              Sunglasses: Old (Similar here)

              Bag: Zara, Old (Love this rust orange option)

              Shoes: c/o Quvel (custom-designed)