Parisian Vibes: Ruffles and a Beret

Happy new year and welcome to MMS circa 2018, my dears! Back at it just like you are after some down time, and my general efficiency seems to have gotten left behind in 2017 along with.. fingers crossed.. that designer crocs trend. Good riddance to the latter and God speed the return of the former, because this post-holiday slump needs to go away for real, real fast, merci beacoup

Figured I'd greet the blogging year in a Parisian-inspired look in the hope that if I throw in enough casual conversational French phrases while wearing enough beret + silk necktie combos, the oceans will somehow disappear and I'll magically find myself along the banks of the River Seine in 2018. No? Oh well, it's a good thing they make this cute little ruffled pink blazer even cuter then!

Thank you for reading and have a great first week of 2018!
XO Sushmitha :)

                    Beret: Old (Similar here)

                    Scarf: Old, Thrifted (Love this silk square!)

                    Blazer: c/o Wearall (<$35!)

                    Tee: Forever 21

                    Jeans: Forever 21

                    Bag: Oliver Bilou

                    Sandals: Zooshoo