Pink Lace Maxi Romper

Happy Easter to those celebrating, happy Coachella weekend to those attending and happy prioritizing to those doing both! ;) No prizes for guessing that I've had Coachella on my mind, except I'm as far as I can be from the desert and my musical leanings this weekend are towards a Spotify playlist titled 'Study Music'. :| As my PhD-half sits here comforting herself that it wasn't worth it anywaysssss if Beyonce wasn't headlining the line-up this year, my blogger-half has clearly decided to wear the outfit, find a cactus garden and go the faux-chella route!

If I'm being honest, I have to admit that I find festival fashion slightly overwhelming. How one can wear elaborate bohemian outfits + a bazillion pieces of jewelry + a beat face while sweating in the desert while peeing in porta-pottys all day while attempting to enjoy dance music will forever remain a mystery to me. If you and I are both ever at one of these things, look for the girl that leaves in a half hour to find a pharmacy that sells Allegra (#teamdustallergy). I only stand a chance, just maybe, if I'm in a one piece wonder like this boho luxe lace number- how gorgeous is the lace detailing?? I wore some of my recent favorite jewels from Saachi New York and a dust-proof pair of booties and voila!, fauxchella ready!

PS. Make sure to use code 'missminus' to get 20% off on this dress or anything else from the beautiful Spring collection on the Goldie's website!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Dress: c/o Goldie's (<$70 + use 'missminus' for 20% off)

                       Earrings: c/o Saachi NY (Love this pair!)

                       Choker: c/o Saachi NY (Love this option)

                       Boots: Shoe Bazar (<$40)