Pink Teddy Coat: Chinatown, San Francisco

You’ll have to believe me when I tell you that this blog post has been an effort of will, because it’s on the seventh attempt to write this in the past week or so that it’s finally taken. Hooray! Attempting to write a blog post, even if it’s only 100 words long and is simply saying hello to my favorite sub-population of the web-world, is impossible in the days leading to, during, and immediately succeeding a move. As I’m sure practically anyone that’s made a DIY-U-Haul category move will know, the past week’s been a haze of boxes, disbelieving headshakes from the husband (so many clothes, he said, about 12,738 times ;)) and midnight meals amidst an avalanche of STUFF. While unpacking and settling in to our new digs is going to take time, I came home from work today to an internet connection, a coffee maker that’s all hooked up and fifteen minutes to spare. MMS reporting for duty, folks! ;)

Speaking of duties, Bay Area residents/visitors must make it theirs to check out San Francisco’s Chinatown, if you haven’t already! It’s a cultural highlight that anybody can enjoy, showcasing bold street art, authentic cuisine and characteristic shopping on the scale of which only the country’s oldest Chinatown can offer. My top personal reason to visit are the mouth-watering custard tarts at the family run Golden Gate Bakery (check their hours beforehand if going!), but I’ve been known to make the trip for boba and a quick photoshoot under the pretty lanterns just as happily! If in need of other options, make sure to stop by the Vinton Court Steps for a step-wise introduction to Chinatown’s menus! ;)

I wore a casual look for the day and simply topped it off with the coziest teddy coat (a steal, too!) in all of the land aka this peachy pink cotton candy coat. Not that I had any doubts of my love for it, but they were dispelled the second I had my slightly underprepared SoCal visitor friend periodically hug me through the day for extra warmth. ;)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                      Coat: c/o Shein (<$40)

                      Top: Old, Simple Retro (Similar here)

                      Scarf: Old, H&M (Similar here)

                      Jeans: Forever 21

                      Backpack: Old, hand-me-down from Mom :) (Love this one for <$40)

                      Boots: c/o Miz Mooz