Plaid + Leather Leggings

Plaid 1

Hello, November! While I want nothing more than to curl up in bed with some hot tea and a good book as the weather grows angrier by the minute outside, this month's already had me hit the ground running. I'm feverishly getting my act together at work before heading out to DC to present at a conference in ten days (Only the biggest neuroscience conference in the world. No pressure. :-|), before returning home just to pack up again to head to the motherland for a whole month on vacation. So, so excited to be heading home to family in India for some much needed R&R! As much as I'll miss bossing my Kushal around for that month, I think he realizes the alternative's welcoming the new year with an overstrung sugar junkie. Let's not go into what that really means.

So in lieu of the shortage of time and energy on my hands these days, here's an easy, breezy casual outfit I threw together to run errands. Basically, ALL of the plaid and some lipstick. Out the door before you can say, 'Mad for Plaid'!

Plaid + Leather 2
Plaid + Leather 3
Plaid + Leather 4
Plaid + Leather 6

Any respectable girl's wardrobe has plaid in it. Probably the hardest worker in my clothes factory. Actually, scratch that. Most definitely, the hardest worker in my clothes factory. And when you've loved it all your adult life like I have, you develop quite the collection of plaid accessories too. The plaid blanket scarf that I styled here is a current favorite, but I love using smaller scarves for just a touch of added interest in my outfits.
Point Penny-wise: Small sized scarves are a great, inexpensive way to instantly elevate an outfit. Here, I used a wool scarf in a similar print to add texture, a pop of color and warmth to the otherwise basic outfit. (The same scarf could be tied to the handle of my bag or fashioned as a head-scarf to make it appear as if I put a lot of thought into the accessorizing when in fact, I really did not!) Silk scarves or handkerchiefs and chiffon or cotton summer scarves can also be used for the same.

Plaid + Leather 5
Plaid + Leather 7
Plaid + Leather 8

This pair of faux-leather leggings has been a staple in my closet for a few years now. It seems to work in any outfit! As it gets colder, I'm excited to wear them with oversized chunky sweaters and plenty of lacey, silky tunics come holiday season.

Plaid 5.JPG

Are you a plaid lover too? How much plaid is too much for you? :)

Thank you for reading, and thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                               Plaid Tunic: GAP (Love this one)

                               Faux-leather Leggings: Sears ( Similar here)

                               Plaid Scarf: Thrifted (Similar here)

                               Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren (Thrifted) (Love this plaid bag)

                               Shoes: Payless (Similar here)

                               Assorted Rings: H&M