Printed Kaftan Dress: Montara Beach, California

Happy Friday, my friends! I'm rolling my eyes as I type that just as you are when reading it. People think of me as a generally positive person, but this week has had even me in a too-much-evil-humankind-too-little-apocalyse mindset. As the human race continues to implode across the globe, those of us that wish to slow it down have faced an increased urgency in recent days, months and years to have 1) louder conversations, 2) act with renewed purpose and 3) LOVE with greater intention. Regardless of where you live in the world, your current ideologies and whether or not you're feeling more or less hopeful about the future, those are the three things that appear like tangible, actually doable, necessary things for everyone. There doesn't seem to be a choice but to do more of those things, more often and with more people, but first.. we reflect and fully recognize that. Go somewhere quiet, make a to-do list and maybe then, so many of us won't be so headless chicken-ish in our sincere, albeit unproductive, efforts at making things better.

I know I'm guilty of that, of expressing all of the heartbroken feelings but rarely channeling them into any concrete action. So I'll be doing some organizing of my own thoughts this weekend, trying to compartmentalize the helpless flailing from the calling-it-what-it-is, wearing-other-peoples-shoes, petition-signing, senator-calling POA that is needed. Maybe at my favorite beach in a pretty dress? No reason not to enjoy the good things while life's getting more unpredictable by the day, I say!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                      Dress: c/o Love Kuza (Also sold in a gorgeous green/yellow combo!)

                      Sunglasses: Random street stall in SF Chinatown! (Similar here)

                      Bag: Thrifted (Love this fun option)