Independence Day: Red, White and Blue + Fresh Efforts

Saying hello to July with an independence day of sorts around here and I'll explain how in just a second, but not before I wish all those celebrating the long weekend a safe and happy 4th in advance! I styled this casual look a while back before I even had the themed weekend in mind, but soon realized that this breezy scarf print tank was made for BBQs and firework viewings alike as part of Monday's festivities. The classic vintage print lends itself to all sorts of casual and dressier occasions long after the 4th.. filing it under- like most things related to independence- gifts that keeps on giving. ;)

Moving on to my not so subtle pun-ny indication of a personal independence day! If you've been following the trail of personal tidbits that I tend to leave around like bread crumbs in the secret garden that's MMS, you will know that Kushal recently graduated with his PhD (yay!). For those not belonging to the family/friend/Instafam category, developments since have included his accepting a post-doctoral position at Stanford, moving to sunny California and thus, beginning what will hopefully be a quick year of cross country wedded bliss for us before I graduate with my own PhD and join him at the very soonest. Before you think that this blog post is a pity party parading as honesty, I'm actually sharing this to welcome help for what's become a new blog-related venture- self photography.

You all know that K's been taking all of my blog pictures since it's inception, but with him being across the country, that's not an option anymore. :| I considered taking a blogging break for the year, but with next week marking MMS's two year blogiversary (How?!), I decided I was too invested. So for a little while now, armed with my sweet supportive parents' donation of a tripod and resolve that has so far withstood the summer heat, I've been attempting to shoot looks myself. Although it's been encouraging to find so many good photography tips online from fellow one woman armies, if any of you have experiences/tips/resources to share, I would love, love, love to hear them! This post is the first self-shot look ever and I can think of so many limitations and flaws, but I've already learnt the first and most important lesson of all, that where there's a will, there's always a way. :) 

As with any form of independence, self-photography is daunting and exciting all at the same time, and I'm excited to use this as an opportunity to learn more about photography- something I've been guilty of avoiding as long as I had K's help. Please feel free to leave me your honest feedback - negative and/or positive- on this post and all the ones to come! Needless to say, I will be trying my best to continue to provide you with fun content and I hope you'll stick around to be part of this solo wifey's adventures! :)

Thank you for reading and to all those celebrating the long weekend, stay safe and happy travels! 
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Top: c/o Single Dress

                       Shorts: Old (Similar here)

                       Hat: Alloy Apparel (Similar here)

                       Bag: H&M (Pricey, but love this one!)

                       Shoes: JustFab (Adore these floral wedges for <$20)