Rough Edges

What's cookin', my Peeps? I'm exercising great self restraint right now to stop myself from typing out several sentences incorporating currently popular slang words, because just looking at this look I wore a few days ago is making me feel like such a street-smart badass! But seriously, fellow grammar nerds may relate to my cringe-worthy feelings regarding 'Bae' and 'On Fleek'.. Dear English, I love you too much. Aaaand there goes my hope of blending in with the cool downtown set. Can I say I tried? ;)

Those of you who do me the kindness of returning to my little fashion diary time and again know that my personal style is mostly feminine, and that I have much love for colors and prints. As funny as it may sound, I sometimes get into a rut with my bright, colorful outfits, which is when I make the effort to step out of my comfort zone into the edgy or boho or whatever other style I haven't had the courage to try in a while. Precisely what happened this past weekend, what with the floral fever that I've been having recently! End result: black and white, (faux) leather, and rips. The 70s trend of everything tied around the waist is a street style rage all over again, you guys! Take my word and try it.. it instantly ups the cool factor! 

Even if I say so myself, I think what makes this look really cool is the accessories.. as always, the devil's in the details, right? :) Three words for this Flourish Leather Co. wrap bracelet: Handmade. Leather. Pink. LOVE! (Petites, all bracelets come in sizes, and the Small fit me perfectly!)

Adding the perfect casual pop of glittery pink is this La Clé Jewelry key necklace. La Clé repurposes old keys into necklaces in any color of your choice. Each color represents certain positive qualities, that the necklace then acts as a reminder for you to embrace. (Pink- Thoughtful & Patient. Thoughful? Yes. Patient? Hmmm. I've got some work to do!)  Talk about not just looking good, but feeling good too! Furthermore, the color fades off over time to reveal a 'naked key' that can be used to do good too, because La Clé will make a donation in your honor to a charity of your choice for a picture posted of your #nakedkey story! So many reasons to be a La Clé fan, if you ask me! :)

We are heading to the Big Apple for a long weekend getaway, and I'm sooo excited for all the food and fun that awaits us! Join me on my NYC adventures on my Instagram

Happy Easter weekend, everyone! Thank you for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                          Tee: Forever 21

                          Shirt: H&M (Love this one)

                          Jeans: Forever 21 (DIY ripped)

                          Faux Leather Jacket: Pink Blush

                          Necklace: c/o La Clé Jewelry

                          Bracelet: c/o Flourish Leather Co.

                          Bag: Local Store (Similar here)

                          Shoes: Moddeals