Ruffled Floral Blouse

Happy hump day, my dear friends! Popping in with a quick hello to share a recent favorite look in case you're like me and needing some mid-week inspiration. :) I've been taking full advantage of the liberty to set my own dress code for the past few days as I've been working remotely from the Bay Area, so it's been non-stop #dontmindifIdo with all of my favorite Spring trends with this gorgeous California weather! I wore this floral blouse + sailor denim skirt combo pretty much the day I arrived here last weekend.. I opened up my bag in a rush to wear the first thing I found and head out into the sunshine, saw the cheery red print peeking out at me and that was that.

Ruffles continue to be a huge trend from last fall through this year, so I've had no qualms on stocking up on all the flirty ruffled pieces I can find! As someone that's constantly suffering from the dreaded AC chills syndrome anytime I'm inside a building, I'm a huge fan of long-sleeved tops even in the warmer months... with the chic ruffled details to the bodice and sleeves, this pretty blouse (<$90, too) is sure to be on repeat across seasons. 

PS. I wasn't kidding in my previous post when I said I have a Philz mint mojito coffee obsession, was I?!

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead! 
XO Sushmitha :)

               Top: c/o Metisu (<$70)

               Skirt: Thrifted (Similar here)

               Earrings: c/o Saachi New York

               Shoes: Old (Similar here)