San Franciscan Fall Fashion: Black Bodysuit + Plaid Blazer

Didn’t think it at the time I shot these photos, but this post makes me feel sooooo… San Francisco. Wide-legged pants that are a slight trouser-y upgrade from the OG hippie kind, a bodysuit that tricks you too quickly into labeling it as basic until you notice the party in the back (from my new fave UK-based brand!), an oversized glen plaid blazer that is a slightly relaxed version of the one every Instagrammer is wearing this season, the budget (scratch that, they’re a steal!) match to those structured real-antique-gold-hence-unaffordable statement earrings…

             like I said, SO San Francisco. <3

It’s like the vision knew itself before I did too, because the day I wore this look, we hung out in arguably one of the more San Franciscan neighborhoods of them all- the Mission District. I chose the Community Thrift Store’s amazing pink wall and it’s rainbow-lined doorways for this photo-op, but there’s no lack of color in this gritty historic district. While the street art in Clarion and Balmy alleys are just of the few known for repping the city’s cultural and political views, I’ve found some of my favorite pieces of SF graffiti in the most unexpected corners while wandering the streets. Wandering in search of food and drink, that is, because that’s what happens when Dandelion Chocolate, Media Noche and Tartine Bakery are all at walking distance from one another. Good food and street art.. a perfect day, anyone? :)

Thank you for reading and have an amazing week ahead!

XO Sushmitha :)

                            Blazer: Thrifted (Love this one)

                            Bodysuit: c/o Wearall

                            Pants: Heavenly Couture (Similar here)

                            Earrings: c/o Zaful 

                            Bag: Oliver Bilou

                            Shoes: Old, Madora (Similar here)