Sedona, Arizona

Checking something off of a wishlist (Note that we are not talking about to-do lists, it’s Friday woot! Although that comes a close second in checking off satisfaction, we all know that.) has to be THE most satisfying feeling ever. Even more so if it’s a travel wishlist, because what can compare to the anticipation built from countless hours of daydreaming but the experience itself of actually being there in real life? And so it was with Sedona, undoubtedly our favorite stop on our recent Arizona adventure.

Something about Sedona’s red rock canyons in many a stored screensaver had always captivated me, but seeing the views in person was a different wowzza moment altogether! The drive from Page to Sedona is a gorgeous route full of majestic red rock vistas and lush green forests through Coconino National Forest- a landscape so unlike the cactus-marked desert landscape we had grown used to until then that we wondered aloud if we were still in AZ! By the time we reached the city of Sedona, we were in love and fully primed for a beautiful, even if short, evening. Several main attractions such as Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross are seen right from downtown Sedona, so it was the perfect stop for a bite (we LOVED the food at Wildflower Bread Company!) with views to kill for! We initially planned to hike to Devil’s Bridge for sunset, but after losing our way a little bit in the face of a gathering storm, we did a shorter hike in the area and got on our way back to Phoenix. If you ask Kushal, he’ll tell you that the next hour of driving in a monsoon thunderstorm was his favorite part of the trip, when huge lightning bolts lit up the towering canyons to the sound of thunder every other minute. It was eerie and loud, somewhat apocalyptic (or maybe that last part had to do with Pod save America being on :| ) and just a wayyy cool cap to our trip. :)

Thank you for reading and have a fun weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

              Romper: c/o Kikay (<$50)

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