Shirttail Dress

We're halfway through July, so I guess I should have known that right about now is when I'd be suffering from a serious condition called as the Summer State of Mind. It's like my mind decided to make a break for it and revert to 15 year old me when the luxury of having the summer off still prevailed. I go into work every morning fully resolved to focus and #getshitdone, but that slowly but surely dissolves at ~11 am into wistful stares through the window at the glorious sunshine, until my resolve completely breaks and a quick lunch break at ~1 pm in the university quad becomes a long sunbathing session.  After that, it's all about 5 pm when the walk home is really an excuse to deliriously wander around the neighborhood to stop at all of the neighbors' flower gardens, of course. I meaaan, how a girl's supposed to call herself a scientist when it's summer out is beyond me, you guys! Clearly, I'm dressing to feed this summer beast in my head, because the t-shirt dress + slides combo in today's post has been my recent uniform.

Nothing says casual like a relaxed mono-layer.. enter this shirttail dress with strappy details and a flattering drawstring. It feels like loungewear and can be worn in public.. need I say more?! Also in the mix- mixed metal accessories  to set off the neutral grey, a favorite new satchel by Violet Ray and these slides that I've been wearing non-stop. Favorite accessory of all, though? This golden hour glow behind me, of course! Aaaaand we're back to summer talk. . . . :-|

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                               Dress: c/o Pink Confetti (Get 15% off with code 'TMQINHZ')

                               Sunglasses: Ray Ban

                               Bangles: Assorted from India 

                               Necklace: The Shopping Bag

                               Bag: c/o Violet Ray 

                               Shoes: Lulu's (Love this pair)