Sisters & Sunshine in Napa Valley :: Life Updates

It’s summertime and I’m feeling my seasonal best, sunbathing actively and even shedding some old skin for new this year aka new job, who dis? 🎉

I had been wanting to re-invent my scientist self for a while and since it’s become a reality, I find myself gingerly testing my bearings every day, careful not to splinter my hard earned confidence with an impatient learner’s quick self-judgements and criticisms. Now officially a newly minted science marketer (said that out loud and yup, sounds weird still.), I recently stepped away from the bench for good for a unicorn job that combines my many loves including several I’ve waxed on and off here on the blog about - writing, social media, neuroscience. I write a (neuroscience) blog at work too now, manage (neuroscience) Instagram and Facebook and Twitter at work too. My previously compartmentalized two halves of the brain have now happily melded into one another, and it feels… right.

Fittingly, I also celebrated five years of blogging last month. A mostly MIA fifth blogging year to be sure, but still, it is worthy of a quiet pride to me that I’ve pursued this passion of mine somewhat long term. As always, my most sincere thank you to you who reads what I write. As always, my husband K deserves all the photographer’s praise that he can get and more.❤️

Also newly minted is my little sister Sanjana as a Master’s graduate in physiotherapy! We shot these photos on a daytrip to Napa Valley just last weekend, towards the end of her month-ish vacation with us. Being as close as we are and living oceans apart (India and the Bay Area), it was so special to get this time together. We’re already missing her though, and revisiting all of the fun we had through these pictures is giving me all of the warm and fuzzy feelings!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

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