Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather 1

If you ever have the bizarre desire to feel like a deer caught in headlights, try shooting a blog post in the crowded streets of an Indian city. I kid you not, you guys, it is a feat that deserves much credit! My sister and I were in a rush on this particular day, and any random street was our only choice for a photoshoot. As a result, various life threats were faced.. dangerous glares from busy evening strollers passing by at the rate of twenty per second, automobiles and mopeds in the scary control of distracted drivers and yelps mutually exchanged by the several stray animals and I at each other’s sight. It’s an adventure that takes some getting used to, so kudos to all the Indian fashion bloggers that do this so well under such different circumstances than what I’m used to!

Since it’s mid-December now, I’m safely assuming it’s sweather weather where you are. And with ugly sweater Christmas parties not too far away, you’re probably stacking holiday sweaters up a mile high, ugly or not. I have similar plans myself, which is why today’s outfit features exactly that: a holiday sweater. My immediate thought at that phrase is a fair isle sweater, that quintessential print so symbolic of the holiday season! When I spotted this sophisticated fair isle sweater in neutral black and grey in my sister’s closet, I knew it would make the perfect holiday party outfit! Layered over my dad’s oxford shirt (What are families for, eh? ;)) and paired with leather and lace paneled leggings, this is an outfit that I’d wear to work and family holiday parties alike. 

Sweater Weather 2
Sweater Weather 3
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Sweater Weather 7

As with any neutral colored look, pops of red are a must for me! How would you add interest to the outfit? :)

Have a great week, and thank you for reading! 

XO Sushmitha :)

                                Sweater: Borrowed from my sister (Love this one)

                                Shirt: Borrowed from my Dad (Similar here)

                                Leggings: Forever 21

                                Clutch: Amazon 

                                Shoes: Lulus