The Perfect Everyday :: Chenille Cardigan + Printed Pants

Hadn’t realized how much I’d missed sharing a good ol’ outfit post, you guys!
Return of the Fashunnn! ba-dum-tssss 🥁

It has been so rainy for so long here in the Bay Area, so it is with much enthusiasm that I dress on the rare occasion when the skies part for the sun to shine down on our busy heads. ‘Twas on such a lovely winter day that I bid goodbye to those useful contraptions the umbrellas, my ankles exposed and my to-do list ready. We drove around the neighborhood running errands, admiring the dry roads and the Trader Joe’s samples and the handiness of ATMs and the humor of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Kushal told me that he liked my new cozy chenille cardigan, I told him I love his freshly shaved face. I admired my own outfit in a storefront’s glass façade, these shades of pink being my favorite. 💕

You see, everything and nothing seemed to be worth admiring on that day, when the sunlight broke through the gloom. ✨

Since then, I’ve looked back on it as the day to aspire to, every day, rain or shine.
In my 30s when the search for deeper meanings to life appears evermore urgent, the daily aspiration to recreate that day seems to have become important to me.

Do you have an ongoing search for a type of day? :)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Cardigan: c/o Love Kuza (<$65, also in black)

Sweater: Old (Similar here)

Pants: Thrifted (Love this printed pair)

Hat: Old, Heavenly Couture (Similar here)

Bag: Hand-me-down from Mom! (Love this option)

Shoes: Old (Love this pearl-embellished option!)