The Woolen Vest

Who knew that all the summers spent holed up reading in my room, first as a shy kid and then as a nerdy and book-worshiping teenager, would one day provide inspiration on my very own fashion blog?! Who is this fictitious character that's the very epitome of  countryside innocence, you ask? Anne Shirley of Green Gables, of course! I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and being transported into a simpler time and uncomplicated people.. the ideal world. So when I saw this cozy woolen vest from Mon Bon's Boutique, I knew I had to channel my Anne by putting on that floppy hat, lacing up my boots and accepting the fact I can't wear my hair in pigtails. (I tried, Anne, really! ;))

I'm wearing two key pieces for the season in today's look: the Shirtdress and the Vest. One of the most popular dress silhouettes this Spring is the shirtdress, and whether it's the simple, tailored kind or the flowy, feminine kind like the Pink Blush one I'm wearing in this gorgeous dusty pink, there's one for everyone! But since winter's feeling too alone and wants back in for a few days, I've been resorting to the perfect layering piece on the extra chilly days- the woolen vest. Not kidding when I say that it is the softest thing ever, you guys! Over jeans and a tee, over dresses and skirts, this draped cozy has been keeping me good company. :)

So, Anne'd be happy with this black-haired copycat, you think? ;) 

Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

                              Dress: c/o Pink Blush 

                              Vest: c/o Mon Bon's Boutique

                              Hat: eBay

                              Bag: Thrifted (Love this one)

                              Shoes: Macy's (Similar here