Valentine's Day Picnic

Happy Valentine's Day, my dears! Believer or cynic, I hope you're using the day as a reminder to celebrate loved ones and YOURself! :) My plan for this cold weekday night includes a Facetime date with my cross-country valentine but this photo story is a rather obvious portrayal of how I wish I was celebrating! Join me for a (boozy ;)) picnic in the park, won't you? :)

This was actually K and my January 1st celebration when I was in the Bay Area over the holidays. After a fun New Years Eve with friends, we had ourselves a private little party to kick off 2017.. we cheers-ed to an exciting year ahead and talked about our goals for what seemed like an entire brisk winter afternoon. Neither of us are expert drink mixers (although K makes a mean rum punch!), so imagine our delight when Thoughtfully sent over this amazing DIY Moscow Mule kit! The gourmet ginger beer, Moscow Mule syrup and candied ginger garnish make up the crux of the drink, but what really hooked me was the Insta-worthy apparatus! The copper mugs are super legit, K is in love with the beautiful glass shaker and I have all of the heart eyes for the matryoshka jigger.. I mean, SO adorable!

Since using our Moscow Mule box, I've been back on the Thoughfully website more than a few times to pick gift boxes for friends. I vote for the Chip Chip Hooray! box for those with a sweet tooth, the Coffee Camp box for the caffeine addict and the Movie Night box for the cinema buff in your home, but trust me when I say that you'll be spoilt for choice when you take a peek at the options.. The attention to detail in each of the boxes will blow you away! I loved Thoughtfully so much that I'm giving away a box of your choice tomorrow on my Instagram.. stop by and enter!

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                   Moscow Mule Kit: c/o Thoughtfully

                   Sweater: c/o Romwe (<$40)

                   Sunglasses: 2seelife

                   Beanie: Peony and Thyme

                   Shoes: Zaful

                   Plaid Blanket Scarf: Blue Square Boutique (Similar here for <$10)