Violet Valentine

Two days to go, lovers! Have y'all planned your V Days yet?? Kushal and I used it as an excuse to make a reservation at an exciting local restaurant we've been wanting to try, and nothing gets this girl's heart racing like good food! ;) Good food seems to be the perfect segue into today's post, since it was shot in one of our favorite spots in Buffalo for a date, Parkside Candy. Established in 1927(!), Parkside Candy has grown to be locally revered not only for it's delicious array of candy and confections, but also for their delicious desserts. If you can't find me in the warmer months, I'm sure to be gorging on their incredible black current sundae.. yummm! My other favorite thing about Parkside is the decor and ambience! Having retained all of their decor from the early 1900s, the interior has such an old-world, romantic feel (that pictures can unfortunetaly do no justice to, because of poor lighting) with a high ornate ceiling, pastel walls and wallpapers, and love songs from the '90s playing in the background. If you haven't gotten my point already, locals and visitors alike must absolutely check out Parkside Candy! :)

Today's date night Valentine's Day look brings my fuzzy knits obsession full circle, you guys, because I'm wearing a fuzzy sweater dress. I literally fell out of my chair when I saw this cozy number over on Sincerely Sweet Boutique, and the petite-friendly waist cinch, feminine ruffled sleeves and party-perfect embellishments were just the cherries on top! 

Much love and friendship to all of you lovely people! I wish you the happiest Valentine's day with your loved ones!  

The weather isn't letting up at all, but we're going to try to brave the cold and shoot outdoors for your respite from strangely colored pictures.. wish us luck! 

Thank you for reading, and have a love-filled weekend!

XO Sushmitha :)

                            Dress: c/o Sincerely Sweet Boutique 

                           Clutch: Gift 

                           Shoes: Forever 21