Weekday Summer Uniform

It's happened, y'all. San Francisco has succumbed to summer. August seems to have finally beaten Mr. Karl The Fog down, a feat that all of my local friends said rarely ever happens and if it does, their expert advice was to live it up in the city like the city deserved. And so have our days been spent lately.. roaming the streets of San Francisco with heart eyes, taking in our new home base happily and tirelessly. You'd find me on any one of these days in some version of this outfit right here- a comfy summer blouse (YES to bell sleeves. Always.) + a pair of well abused skinny jeans + a few choice summer accessories to elevate the look. 

It sounds almost odd, but accessories in general seem to have topped the trend charts this season. Donning statement jewelry, bags and/or shoes has always been a personal choice for me, but it's been so delightful to see that the entire fashion community riding the rainbow-colored tassel earring or handmade straw bag wave like I always have wanted them to! If you've spent any time on Instagram at all, you'll know that straw/wicker/rattan bags are a ridiculous rage right now.. I've amassed quite the collection over my adult life given my vintage love, so it's been quite the thrill to show them all off even more (scroll below to find a great budget bag identical to mine!). Also on repeat - this perfectly blue druzy ring that matches all of my denim, and these most adorable gingham shoes that were a gift from my mom (such a steal at under $30!). :) 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week(end) ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Top: c/o Factory Fashion (<$15!)

                            Denim: Old via H&M (Current version here)

                            Ring: c/o CY Design Studio

                            Bag: Thrifted (Similar here for <$15)

                            Shoes: Betsey Johnson via Macys (On clearance for <$30!)