Spring Neutrals: White Denim Dress

Colors, prints and I make for an inseparable trio on most days, but like almost everything else in life (Read as: guacamole, rosé and netflix), moderation becomes key every once in a while. ;) Spring happens to be the perfect time to exercise said moderation, what with spring cleaning leading the way to a clean slate and new beginnings and everything, and what else does a clean slate mean in Spring fashion-ology but a good ol' LWD and solid neutrals? This bodycon high-necked update on the basic little white dress is such a great option for work and play, but the party really begins when I tell you that it's made of.. denim! Denim everything is trending this season, and a white denim dress has got to be the coolest way to ride the wave. I opted for an all neutral look with this soft-as-a-cloud fleece drape coat, some seriously chic tasseled nude sandals (so comfy too!) and a pop of color with my go-to navy bag. I don't look like I'm missing my colors and prints too much now, am I? ;)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Dress: c/o Bluefaith Denim

                       Coat: c/o A Ruby

                       Bag: JEMMA

                       Shoes: c/o Ssh-oes