Winter Basics + #IFCHIC24

One rainy blustery day, S & K went out to brunch..♫ So goes the opening line to what seems to be my version of Winnie the Pooh's blustery day song as he found his way to the Thoughtful Spot. I realize I may be alone in my adoration of wise old Pooh long after childhood, but if there is a kindred soul out there (I love you, btw.) that's reading this, you know there's a hum-dum-diddy-dum prefacing that line. ;) Between the crazy winds, rain and snow that we were blessed with when we shot these photos, I found a chic recipe to staying cozy- skinny scarf + chunky knit + high-waisted jeans. Granted, I had to change into more practical shoes soon after, but a little glam goes a long way in these tough times. ;)

This outfit is the perfect representation of my closet aspirations as I get older- a mix of low and high pieces that can be worked and reworked in countless ways over time. The low half- the oversized sweater and the skinny scarf were recent thrift finds that I didn't spend more than a couple of dollars for. (Highly recommend scouting your local thrift/vintage stores if you're wanting to join the skinny scarf club! The retro trend is bound to be found there.. I found so many at mine!) The high half- High waisted jeans via If Chic *Scroll down for more on this* that are definitely an investment piece, but as a petite, if it's one thing I'm willing to invest in for fit, comfort and durability, it's quality denim, because I wear it all the time, everyday. Fellow petites should definitely consider high-waisted jeans as a daily alternative.. it's super leg lengthening and adds so much definition to the waist!

So, here's the deal on If Chic- You need to make yourself an account on there. NOW. Specially if you're like me and feel like you can do happily without, but it would be kinda nice, to wear designer fashion. First off, it's an amazingly curated collection of designer clothing and accessories, including some of my favorite Aussie labels like Keepsake and C/meo Collective and Finders the Keepers. Second, you can own these pieces by just logging in. As you can see in the screenshot below, every time you login to your account, you can accrue coins worth $2. You're allowed to collect coins adding up to $6 per day, which makes $180 in a month. You're then allowed to use those accrued coins towards any purchase on the 24th of every month at the #IFCHIC24 event! It's like a monthly happy hour for shopping, except you could potentially pay nothing at all, it lasts all day on the 24th and IMHO, it's wayyyyy more awesome than shucking oysters at the bar. I shopped the December event, where I got these Citizens of Humanity jeans, but I've since accrued a whole month's coins and am eyeing these shorts, this skirt and this dress at the January event in just two days.  
*My secret to not missing a day's coins- an alarm twice a day! It's kind of become a habit now, like brushing my teeth at night or something. Hmm.. that makes me sad and happy all at once.. :|


Happy shopping and as always, thank you for reading!
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Hat: Old (H&M) (Similar here)

                       Scarf: Thrifted (Love this gray one)

                       Sweater: Thrifted (Similar here)

                       Bag: From India (Love this option)

                       Jeans: Citizens of Humanity c/o If Chic

                       Shoes: Old (Local boutique) (Similar here)