Winter White Knit Dress

There’s a ‘cold front’ passing through the Bay Area, you guys, and my Cali peeps are not having it. Just in case you couldn’t tell from my subtle quote-marking, I am now the thick-skinned weather snob that rolls their eyes at anyone that complains about any temperature lower than a Buffalo, NY-esque 0 degC, myself included. I caught myself blanket scarfing my face up burrito style like I used to as in Buffalo earlier this week on a brisk 14 degC morning and face-palmed so hard I nearly knocked my precious morning coffee out of my own hands. Sure, I was slightly cold, but hadn’t I braved snowstorms aplenty just last winter? Certainly, this is cold weather by California standards, but how can I not be immune to that after winters past?? Meanwhile, the local train that is my daily morning commute is packed with blanket scarfers and North Facers galore who probably haven’t facepalmed themselves… ever… over the weather. 

That got me thinking, weather-wise or otherwise, what is it about having gone through a certain experience, especially one we deem a negative one, that somehow sets the bar for what we can then allow ourselves to deem as negative experiences going forward? Is that me being Type A about developing strength of character and ‘getting tough’ as I grow older (a recent pattern I’ve noticed in my thinking) or is that the theory of relativity at play per usual? Thoughts? :)

She lures us in with her Parisian chic vibes and unloads on our tired Thursday brains, you say? Thought as muchhhhhhh! #sorrynotsorry


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

Dress: c/o Metisu

Sunglasses: Old (Love this option)

Beret: Old, Thrifted (Similar here)

Bag: Oliver Bilou

Shoes: Old, Thrifted (Love this retro chic pair!)