Yellow Denim Two-Piece Dress

Better together, just as good apart. I may have coined a new idiom just now, but to describe a good two-piece look any other way would bring us back to the same point! Matching sets- typically in the form of printed top and bottom sets- have likely seen the insides of your as well as my closet by now, but a matchy monochrome outfit has always seemed intimidating to me. I’ve never worked in a corporate environment to justify a tailored pantsuit, and the closest I came to caving was when my post-election self in 2016 was finding every which way to avenge current happenings and shatter glass ceilings, if you catch my drift.

Relatively recently, I was wishfully staring at some mega-babe’s strut in a canary yellow pantsuit on my Pinterest feed (what else is new?) when I had a Eureka moment- pantsuits are old hat, people have worn them to work for ages now, go get you one at the thrift store. It’s a failsafe plan ten times out of ten, trust.

As you’ve probably figured out faster than I can type, I came home with not a pantsuit, but a canary yellow dress-suit! Is that a fashion term? How did real life beat my Pinterest dream? These are all questions for which I have no answers.

Finding this yellow denim dress-suit means that my search for the pantsuit is on hiatus, but one of these days, I’ll strut across your screen in a power suit yet!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Dress with matching jacket: Thrifted (Love this tailored look and this set!)

Sunglasses: Old, Odette + Odile

Earrings: c/o Gosia Meyer Jewelry

Bag: Rare Atlantic

Shoes: Thrifted (Similar here)