A Dress, a Dream :: Floral Midi Dress

Happy weekend, friends! Choosing to cavort around your screen in a ladylike look in today’s post, featuring only the most darling floral midi dress I’ve laid hands on all summer.

There’s something to be said for outfits that bring out the strongest version of a positive feeling is us. Like a sharp blazer to inspire one’s most confident self at an important meeting. Or a cozy pair of pajamas without which wholesome homey comfort falls short of 10/10. On a sunny summer day, a classic feminine dress such as this one transforms me to my airiest, most carefree self, like I could close my eyes beneath my retro bug-eyed sunglasses and the warm breeze would take away with it all of my cares and worries. Like I could be anywhere in the world doing anything I want in that fleeting moment.💭

💭 Which currently, just FYI, is to be a fly on the wall in the environs of master photographer Jamie Beck as she creates her next genius masterpiece in her Aix-en-Provence home.
A french FLY, if you will.🙋🏽
(You’re welcome for the next half hour you’re about to spend in her stunning virtual art gallery!)

Of course, in reality, this brief mental escape occurs while I’m leaning against this Safeway wall (that some inspired soul decided to paint salmon pink!! I think that the Bay Area may be home to some radicals. Just sayin’.) before going in to buy a sink de-clogger. 

Life is beautiful in my fantasy, but my sink's fine now and life is beautiful in reality too.❤️

fashion-floral-dress-midi-blogger-outfit 3

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Dress: c/o VIP.com (Sold out, looove this number!)
Earrings: c/o Canvas (<$15!)
Sunglasses: Old, Similar here
Bag: Thrifted, Similar here
Shoes: Old via Lulu’s (Love this all white pair)