Tube Tops Are Back! :: Underlying Thoughts

Remember when we were awkward middle-schoolers trading lunches, playing cards and complaints? Math tests were a test of character, The Simpsons was risqué television and tube tops were inappropriate. Ahhh the ‘90s. 🤗

Over two decades later, math is as intimidating as ever, the BBC World Report is the most unsettling television that exists and tube tops… well, haven’t ‘inappropriate’ clothes always been a cover for bigger societal problems?? 👀

If I were to look from a higher vantage point at the playing documentary reel of my life, I would watch middle-school me scribble in ‘tube tops’ to the growing list of don’ts 📝 being presented to my soon-to-be teenage self. Instead, I would see myself settle for a popping iridescent lip gloss (the 90s… a gift that keeps on giving!😅), swatting away annoyance at the many spoken and unspoken rules like they were simply flies. I would then watch myself pounce on the resurgent tube top trend as an adult in a year that would later be deemed as the Year of the Woman, when women held a long-sought discourse on equality and injustice and the prejudiced premise that a woman’s outfit conveys consent. I’d then see 30 y/o me in this outfit, dabbing highlighter on my clavicles with a fierce intent, as if making them pop brighter was the key to holding on my recently found self-awareness.

So make ‘em pop ✨ I did, because what is self-awareness if not an unshackling from the dos and don’ts of years past?

Thank you for reading and have a great week(end) ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

Top: c/o Shein (<$8!)
Culottes: Thrifted, Similar here
Scarf: Vintage, Similar here
Bag: Thrifted, Love this wicker black beauty!
Shoes: c/o PopJulia (Sold out, similar here)