Among Other Things: Vol. 1 :: A New Post Series!

Hi, All! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was having all of those heartfelt conversations with some of you in the afterglow of my 4th blog-iversary post, so imagine my wide-eyed surprise when my calendar informed me that that happened nearly three months ago and may I please get a move on. I had received several post format/ideas at the time (thank you!) and having stewed on them for a while, I’ve zeroed in on a couple of favorites that I hope to introduce to the blog in the coming days as recurring series. As the first of those, I’m so excited to begin the series I’m calling ‘Among Other Things’- a place where I’d like to share with you a random love list of things that have taken up more space than is fair in my mind and/or heart and/or soul at the time of writing. Like most normal human beings, I’m a multifaceted individual with varied interests, so I figured that this blog- which is essentially an extension of me by now- needs a component that reflects that. And as always, paramount to everything is the hope that it will allow me to have many more relatable conversations with you, the fellow multifaceted reader, with much more frequency.

Here is the first compilation of things I’m loving, among other things…

Listen UP! 🎧
If I’ve been a highly wired train commuter lately who swigs coffee with reckless abandon and whose eyebrows never seem to un-furrow, blame it on the podcast Serial. I’m not a fan of visual true crime, I’m an absolute scaredy cat of anything in Netflix’s Evil Genius category. But this audio documentary of A+ investigative journalism on the most fascinating stories has had me hooked like a fish! I just finished Season 1, and I’m literally drooling at the thought of seasons 2 and 3. If anyone’s listened, we need to discuss STAT.

This Brand, Though.👏🏽
Mason & Market is a San Francisco-based company that curates/customizes gift boxes, and trust me when I say that these boxes are next level. The signature boxes offer something for everyone and the products are all super thoughtful and packaged beautifully… but you can also create your own custom boxes if you’re clever like that. I fully realize that the holidays aren’t here for another minute, but be pro-active is all I’m saying.

Speak Easy 📝
As a fully functional adult who relies on quotes, sayings and written & spoken words in general for inspiration to go about my day, week and month, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share my current favorite food for thought. Read it and I bet you top dollar it will re-cast the lens with which you view your life.

The mind is it’s own place, and in itself

can make a heaven of hell,

of hell a heaven.

John Milton, Paradise Lost

Man’s Gift to Mankind 💡
Where have popsockets been all of my life, you guys? I bought one before going to Alaska in September in the hopes that it will make safer my constant habit of sticking my phone out for pictures unscrupulously at the most impractical of places (i.e. out the window of a moving car, at the edge of a cliff above the ocean, etc.). It has been such a game-changer, now that my heart can safely rest in its rightful place while I attempt a ‘gram worthy shot of beautiful things and oh, I won’t even get started on my majorly upped selfie game.

Yummy in my Tummy 🍽
Recently, I had a month-long solo stint on the home-front as Kushal was traveling on work and hands down, my biggest challenge was maintaining our typical 6-day routine of cooking fresh and healthy meals at home. Normally, we make our meal plan together and then, K will don the head chef role while I’m happily delegated to chopping, stirring, manning the playlist and other such unintelligent tasks. Meal planning + grocery shopping + cooking all of the planned meals on/for myself, though, is boring as beans (literally and figuratively!). What came to my rescue is this Shrimp and Veggie Quinoa Bowl recipe that hits the weekday trifecta- quick, clean and delicious! Substitute for other proteins or make it veggies-only, its bound to be good!

…and that’s a wrap on this edition of Among Other Things!
I’d love any feedback on the series, please let me know what you think. ❤️

Thank you for reading and have a great week(end) ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)