The Sunflower Fields of Dixon, California

The excitement is SO real to share this post with you all, because
1) It’s so long overdue that I’m ecstatic just to finally have this blog post off of my to-do list, and
2) Anyplace that’s two hours north of San Francisco that can mind-game you into living your best summer day in southern France deserves all of that excitement and more.

If in the months of July and August, you wish to see these endless golden fields for yourself, take with you all of the road-trip essentials- a willing companion, spare space on a device that clicks 📸 on command, and snacks so you’ve got lots of energy for the laughs forecasted for your daytrip. 🚗

Oh and patience, so you can outstay the many moms on maternity shoots and bloggers and couples on engagement shoots and.. you get the idea.😅

Some useful tips if you are indeed foresighted enough to save this post for next summer…
- The sunflowers were already downward facing when we went in early August. Mid-late July might be the short but sweet window of time when they’re sunny side up!🌻
- Dixon is a small town with very few food options, so make sure to carry reinforcements if going around sunset. We made a pitstop in Berkeley on our way and back!
- Some internet reviews of the Dixon sunflower fields suggested taking permission from the farmers who own these fields, as it is considered to be private property. We went over with the phone number handy if need be, but there were so many people just parking and heading in that we deemed it safe to do so!
- I totally did not realize how many ginormous bees would be keeping us company amongst the flowers! They didn’t bother us in August even when I was klutz-ing my way through the fields, but during peak season in July when there’s more bee-food to be had, they may not be as friendly. 🐝
- We timed our arrival to golden hour before sunset and it was the most beautiful sight on a warm summer night! Sunrise would be beautiful, too, if you’re that kind of a weirdo.

This day will forever be one of my favorite California summer days and these pictures make for some of my favorite memories, I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)