Autumnal Lace Maxi Dress

Feeling all sorts of welcomed back in Buffalo after getting off of a red-eye flight straight into a mild snowstorm, but what else is new in the Northeast this time of year? :| My happy and warm California bubble is close to bursting already, but until then, consuming copious amounts of coffee while writing blog posts of happier times will have to do!

One such happy day was when I spent a lovely fall afternoon at a local hidden gem- Forest Lawn Cemetery. Despite being one of the country's most historic cemeteries, it's exactly not as eerie as you may be imagining it to be! Sweeping park spaces and secret fall wonderlands galore make up the cemetery, making it a tourist attraction and a getaway for locals alike. I'm so glad I finally self-guided myself through the park, even if it took some performance anxiety to get that Instagram-worthy leaf throwing shot with a tripod. ;) 

I wore this gorgeous lace maxi dress that's easily one of the more unique dresses I own (also would be a great holiday dress!). It's full of details that I love- lace panels in the prettiest autumn color palette, the slimming vertical stripes + cinching at the waist and the sheer bottom hem that allows your calves and ankles to be seen (certainly a plus for us shorties!). Add to that a suede topper and lots of leaf-peeping, and you have one thank-fall me! :)

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead! 
XO Sushmitha :)

                Dress: c/o Dezzal (< $65!)

                Jacket: Jack by BB Dakota

                Bag: AMI Clubwear (Similar here)

                Shoes: Old (Love this pair)