Out Of My Comfort Zone: Black Friday with Romwe

Happy Thanksgiving eve, my peeps!

To those traveling to be with family and friends, I wish you safe and fun times ahead.. to fellow staycation-ers, I extend high-fives because party time starts now! On the off chance that your particular party includes cyber-stalking your favorite sites for Black Friday deals ;), I thought I'd share one of my favorite sales this Black Friday over at my go-to online store for affordable and trendy pieces that I often feature here on the blog- Romwe

That there is a huge Black Friday sale going on is stating the obvious, but it takes clicking through to believe how good it really is (aka free shipping + free gift promotions + multiple discount codes). Case in point-  I'm styling two looks in this post ft. steals from the sale.. both looks are out of my comfort zone in terms of my personal style, but both looks are very much within my budgetary comfort zone at <$20/piece! Would I have styled a satin tracksuit in the last year of my twenties after steering clear of Juicy Couture all my life if not for the friendly price point? Probably not. Would I have given these 90s reminiscent tear-away pants a chance in 2017 despite having none of the cool-ness of Rihanna if not for their wallet-friendly nudge? Also, probably not.

Okay, so you're a normal person that prefers to not take wardrobe risks at the time of year when 99% of annual social interactions occur? Romwe's got that base covered, too. I'm eyeing this stunning dress, this updated classic and this huggable coat for when my danger-seeking self calms down enough to join your club!

Thank you for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!
XO Sushmitha :)

Look 1
Tracksuit: c/o Romwe (<$20!)
Sunglasses: Heavenly Couture (Fun option here!)
Shoes: Adidas

Look 2
Sweater: Shein (Similar budget-friendly option here)
Pants: c/o Romwe (<$15 in several colorways!)
Hat: Old (Love this cabby hat!)
Shoes: Old, Moddeals (Similar here)