Blanket Cape

It's the week before Thanksgiving and for the first time since having moved to the United States, I feel as if I'm truly acknowledging the spirit of the holiday this year. As we all should be no matter where we live at this time, I guess. I presume that you, like me, invested more time and emotion than usual this past weekend (and still are) trying to find loopholes in reality to hope for a better world, but for those of us not brave enough to be really politically active, I imagine the main life change in recent times has been to be more thankful... for everything and everyone. Not a fan of pumpkin pie or stuffed turkey, but if you're having a half-glass-full-and-grateful kinda party, consider me as RSVP'd! Ready or not, here I come! Say the word and I'll be there! Okay, you get the point. ;) 

In the thankful spirit of things, at the top of my list of things to be thankful for here and now- Capes. Winter's about to get real here in Buffalo, you guys, and I am bundling up in all of the chic capes I can find! You saw this color-blocked number recently, and I'm beyond thrilled to add this aztec printed hooded one from Jane Divine Boutique to the growing collection. The colors make the perfect fall rainbow, it's as cozy as it is cute AND it's reversible.. I mean, all of the heart eyes. Since it's such a statement piece, I draped it on over an all black textured combo of a wool turtleneck and faux leather leggings. As always, my favorite details are the accessories- Lydell NYC's stunner jewelry pieces from their new collection and reflective Nectar wayfarers. I'm going to be looking for different ways to style this cape all season long.. if any of you have ideas, I'd love for you to let me know in a comment below. :)

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                    Cape: c/o Jane Divine Boutique

                    Sweater: Old, Ralph Lauren (Similar here)

                    Sunglasses: c/o Nectar

                    Necklace: c/o Lydell NYC

                    Bracelets: c/o Lydell NYC

                    Pants: Old, Sears (Similar here)

                    Bag: c/o Jordana Paige

                    Shoes: Moddeals (Love this pair)