Blush Lace Dress + Hair Care With HerStyler

Happy Monday, my peeps! I know what you're thinking. It's fall, she said. She cares not for PSLs, she said. And yet here she is wearing a mini dress, basically the poster child for summer. These are your thoughts, yes? In my defense, it isn't summer if you haven't worn and shot more outfits than the season can hold (read as: Northeast blogger too chicken to shoot in the cold), so I have more than a few leftover looks that I'll continue to share even as it gets cooler. I hope they're useful to those of you living in milder weather and the lucky ones among us headed on warm weather vacays in the near future! 

Speaking of vacations, if there is a dress that's meant for a warm night out in a place that's new or old, it's this lace number. Lace is such a pretty and romantic fabric year round.. but give me mixed patterned lace in blush pink with gorgeous cut-out details and I'm more than sold! Loose waves, classic rockstud heels, the end. I recently had the chance to try out some products from HerStyler to update my hair care routine. Considering that THE most common questions I get asked from you guys are about my hair, I thought I'd share my thoughts.. read them below!

Those of you that have previously asked about my 'hair care routine' know that my answer to this is pretty short, usually consisting of the words 'nothing' and 'lazy' in some order. I'm lucky in that I have naturally healthy, low-maintenance hair that can be left open un-styled most days, and this what you see in all of the blog posts. However, as I've gotten older, I've been thoughtful of the fact that the way it looks isn't a true reflection of its strength/health, specially since I finally added in some highlights a few years back. In trying to up my hair management game without going all fancy (still on a student budget here!), I've discovered that plant based supplements can often make a regular shampoo repair and damage friendly. This was my thought when I tried HerStyler's argan oil hair care line. Extracted from the argan tree, argan oil is an incredibly hydrating and nourishing magic potion that can heal and repair skin and hair like few other things can. After having used the products pictured below a few times now, I can honestly say that the shampoo + conditioner felt a lot better on my hair than my regular drugstore shampoos (I use TRESemmΓ©). My favorites though, are the argan oil hair mask- which feels so luxurious and hydrating after every use- and the hair serum- which controlled my post-air-drying static and frizz like nothing else. 

Like I said, styling my hair is literally an annual event (if that year's lucky!) and I'm not familiar, let alone an expert, on anything hair styling related. I've owned a 1.5" barrel Hot Tools curling iron for a couple of years but I don't use it nearly as often as it should be, partly because my hair cannot hold a curl and the loose 1.5" curls disappear in no time. I jumped at the chance to try a smaller barrel for tighter curls and the HerStyler 'grande' curling wand gave me nice spirals that I could then comb out to get the more voluminous curls that I was going for. Add to that the unique talent I have for finding wind tunnels to shoot in, and I may or may not have glanced sideways more than once to check out my windblown curls. ;)

Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Dress: c/o Capricho (sold out, but this one's just as gorgeous)

                       Sunglasses: Old (Similar here)

                       Clutch: Old (Similar here)

                       Shoes: Old (Similar here)