Transitioning The Off-The-Shoulder Trend Into Fall

The thing about living in a cold place is that when you progress from liking, loving and committing to a fashion trend like us fashion girls often do, you've got to really follow through. This all goes out the window the moment the snow monster arrives, mind you, and I'm going to grab my parka before you can say traitor, but until then, I've got to really follow through. Such are my thoughts with this off the shoulder trend, because it's here to stay through next summer at the very least and it's time to get some transition on!

A few pointers if you're scouting for a fall/winter-friendly OTS piece- 1) a darker color palette like this navy + mustard splattering is always a good start, 2) longer sleeves and a defined waist create shape underneath creative layers, and 3) said creative layering can begin with a sleeveless vest or trench (until the weather allows!) so that peekaboo shoulder is still seen! A faux suede vest like this neutral one I'm wearing is a great transitional layer that also adds a fun pop of texture.. Brb, styling it a hundred different ways!

Thank you for reading and happy hump day!
XO Sushmitha :)

                       Romper: Three Eighty Two via Lyon + Post

                       Vest: c/o Miss Tallulah Boutique

                       Sunglasses: Odette + Odile 

                       Bag: Noisy May (Love this one)

                       Shoes: Capricho (Similar here)