Casual In Corduroys

Casual In Corduroys 1

As you can tell from this post already, it's flowering season here in Bangalore and I couldn't be happier about it. Compare this to my regular December views of blinding snow banks all around, and it almost makes me not want to go back to Buffalo! But Kushal and paychecks await, so I shall have to make do with these pictures until the next winter tropical escape. And as any fashion blogger would agree, pretty pictures aren't the same until they're shared, so here I am doing just that! :)

I wasn't exactly thinking of the promised holiday outfits for the blog at the time, but couldn't resist taking pictures while walking amidst the gorgeous backdrop of these pink and purple flower-laden trees. I must say, though, that this exact combination of warm corduroy pants + oversized sweater + cozy blanket scarf would be my pick for a lazy holiday gathering outfit at home spent lounging by the tree or fireplace while recalling childhood stories with family and friends. Festive enough for embrassed giggles, no? :)

My love for blanket scarves has already been professed in this post, as was my obsession with the color pairing of grey and burgundy in this recent post. This outfit combines that love list with my adoration for corduroy pants, the warm and comfortable fabric being almost synonymous for me with fall and winter. Give them to me in jewel toned burgundy, hunter green or navy blue, and I'm in love!

Casual In Corduroys 2
Casual In Corduroys 3
Casual In Corduroys 4

This warm and cozy southwestern printed scarf from Forever21 is available online and in stores for <$15, so grab it before it's gone!

Casual In Corduroys 5
Corduroys 5.JPG
Corduroys 7.JPG
Casual In Corduroys 8
Casual In Corduroys 9

Have I convinced you to wear corduroy to your next family Sunday gathering? :) Stay tuned for more fun holiday looks on the blog!

Thank you so much for reading!

XO Sushmitha :)

                                      Sweater: Thrifted (Similar here)

                                      Corduroy Pants: Forever21

                                      Blanket Scarf: Forever 21 (<$15!)

                                      Earrings: eBay

                                      Ballet Flats: Borrowed from sister (Similar here)