Embroidered Top: Guavate, Puerto Rico

Until this particular day on this particular vacation to Puerto Rico, getting 'lost in a new place', 'finding adventure' and discovering 'yourself in the unexpected' seemed exclusive to A-list wanderlust-ers.. things I thought the reckless high-schooler does for soul searching purposes after graduation or the travel blogger I follow on Instagram must do for authenticity in her writing. Me? I thought never, 'cos give me an hour on the .coms and I'll give you an expert itinerary with extra extra map downloads.. nothing lost, no unexpecteds, the only adventures being the ones nourished with research and planning.  Ain't nobody got time (or money!) for mishaps, am I right?! Well, consider me self-contradicted, because new found strategy to traveling bliss- the inclusion of an unplanned Contingency Day. You guys, Best. Idea. Ever. This is obviously an only-if-possible scenario, but in the case that it is, SO worth it! We set aside a day on our trip simply for the unexpected.. maybe a popular local hangout that caught our whim, a beach we missed researching, or maybe to relish an unexpected extra day of doing nothing. What eventually caught our fancy the day of was, surprise surprise, a roadtrip to Guavate for food.

We'd read countless yelpers denounce anyone that didn't make it here when in PR, calling the lechoneras of Guavate the mecca for local PR cuisine, but we'd put it on the back-burner, considering all the good food we'd been having in Luquillo and Fajardo. We set off impulsively on our contingency day (Yes, I insist that I give it a proper term.) with thoughts of yummy in our tummy by lunchtime, but what we weren't told by the yelpers were that if we took the scenic route, we'd basically be transported to New Zealand at the peak of summer. I kid you not, these pictures do no justice to the views as we drove through stunning PR-52 and then eventually made the winding drive up the hills to the hill-top town of Guavate. The day was a gift that kept on giving, because it was a whole two minutes after parking at the lechoneras that we stumbled upon our very own private slice of tropical rainforest paradise, where we shot these photos. With no-one else in sight, sunlight bathing the lush forest while a cheery stream flowed through, it felt like I was in the pages of The Jungle Book! Probably in theme, we then gorged like animals on a true home-style PR meal.. the famous lechon was had, dessert plaintains were eaten and most importantly, congratulatory back pats were given on a day of spontaneity well rewarded. :)

It was a hot, hot day, so I dressed casually, but in bright colors and fun accessories. The mexican embroidery on this light and roomy Santa Marguerite top is to be seen to be truly appreciated.. it's just so pretty! Several other tropical vacation essentials in the mix- a nice and wide floppy hat, druzy blues for the hands and statement pom-pom sandals that I may just be wearing all summer long, whether on vacay or not! :) 

Have any of you had successful spontaneous travel adventures? I'd love to hear your stories! :)
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!
XO Sushmitha :)

                            Top: c/o Santa Marguerite

                            Hat: Old (Similar here)

                            Sunglasses: H&M (Similar here)

                            Ring and Infinity Bracelet: c/o Itchelita Jewelry

                            Bag: Thrifted (Love this option)

                            Shorts: Old Navy (Similar here)

                            Sandals: c/o Eathini